Gerard van Beijeren Bergen en Henegouwen

tenor conductor composer

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Gerard (*1981) was born and raised in a musical family, wherein choir singing and playing the piano where common. Over ten years he followed piano lessons from Erwin Wiersinga and as a young singer, blessed with a flexible tenor voice, he was part of several (semi-) professional choirs, such as Studium Chorale, Capella Frisiae, Capella Isalana, the Laurens Bachcollegium and the Europäische Vokalsolisten. He gained experience from many (choir) conductors, including Geert-Jan van Beijeren Bergen en Henegouwen, Hans Leenders, Peter Dijkstra, Hoite Pruiksma, Barend Schuurman, Ed Spanjaard, Klaas Stok, Steffen Schreyer and Erik van Nevel.

Nowadays, besides his work as web developer, Gerard is member of The Bach Choir of The Netherlands, conducted by Pieter Jan Leusink and is conductor of choir Capella Sneek and Testify in Leek (NL). He also dedicated himself to composing. In June 2014 his first four Shakespeare sonnets for tenor and piano accompaniment premiered. In 2016 four more Shakespeare sonnets will premiere along with three choral compositions: Nature and The Soul (based on poems by e.e. cummings), Miserere (psalm 56:1,3) and O quam tu pulchra es (Song of Solomon 4.8).

Furthermore, Gerard helped starting Sneek Vocaal, together with soprano Sippie Broersma. Sneek Vocaal organises events in Sneek (NL) and its surrounding areas, ranging from classical (solo) concerts to crossover concerts.